Money is the lifeblood of business. The whole purpose of your existence is to earn a revenue, grow your gains and ensure the health of your enterprise. Where there is money involved, there is a person or group of people who oversee and handle the money. More times than not, these are trusted individuals who do their job honestly, but money also leads to temptation and not everybody upholds their integrity.

Forensic accounting utilized accounting, auditing and investigative skills to dive into finances of both individuals and businesses in order to seek out fraud, embezzlement and any number of other white collar crimes. This blog is dedicated to helpful tips and topics to help you when seeking, or deciding to seek, forensic accounting services.

  1. 9 Times You Might Need a Forensic Accountant

    One of the common mistakes we see on a daily basis is people not recognizing when a forensic accountant can be beneficial to their particular situation, therefore, they don’t acquire expert forensic accounting services in a timely enough fashion or at all. This results in the loss of money and bey…Read More

  2. What Do Forensic Accountants Do?

    Unless you are an accounting insider (and let’s face it, few of us are crazy enough to be one of those!), there is a strong chance you have never heard of forensic accounting in your life. We are not upset. It is completely understandable. To the average person, accountants are just accountants. P…Read More