The United States Census Bureau tells us two statistics about marriage. The first is that 90 percent of Americans will be married at some point in their lives. The second is that approximately 50 percent of first marriages will end in divorce. Just like the people in a marriage, each divorce is unique. Some divorces are peaceful, amicable and each party goes their separate ways. Other divorces are less than peaceful and require divorce litigation support.

While the dissolution of a marriage should be fair, adding finances into the mix can make things confusing. At Forensic CPA Group, our expert divorce litigation service is designed to help both parties understand the real value of their assets. Our team can focus on the earnings of each spouse, work to uncover hidden assets and determine which is marital property and which is separate property. We’ll also analyze the value of a business and comb through the data within bank accounts and other investments.

Since 2002, Forensic CPA Group has provided a wide range of forensic accounting services for individuals, corporations, nonprofits and more. We frequently work with attorneys and litigators, and we’re experienced and certified to offer expert testimony in court. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us online or by phone today!